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ATX Mid-Tower Black Case – Computer (ATX Motherboard)


ATX Mid-Tower Black Case – Computer (ATX Motherboard)

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This is a used computer case ATX Mid-Tower Black Case. Unknown manufacturer. Sold AS IS. There is one missing cover for the large 5 1/4″ bays.

ATX Mid-Tower Black Case – Specs

  • 4 larger 5 1/4″ bays (external front access)
  • 1 smaller 3 1/2″ bays (1 external front access)
  • 4 Internal Hard Drive bays
  • ATX Style form factor – This case can accept ATX style motherboards with a back plate that fits into the chassis.
  • Front LEDs and Controls.
  • Height:  18″
  • Width:  8.5″
  • Depth:  19″
  • No power supply.

In short, this is a solid metal case with a sturdy chassis and internal mounts for the 3 1/2″ hard drive bays. It also has a front door with magnetic latch.


Will accept up to 4 hard drives in the bottom most bays. Bays do not require screws – they use self-locking brackets.


The smaller internal 3.5″ bay has external access.
In other words, this will work well for a floppy drive, USB & Audio units, or other units that need external access.


This case is a good match for any ATX Style motherboard, such as any of the ASUS ATX style motherboards, having plenty of room for several Hard Drives and other components. It works very well as a small server or workstation.


It’s always a good idea to recycle and this case can be used in many ways, especially using recycled hardware. Linux will work very well, as will other operating systems that can run on an ATX motherboard.


Most ATX Style Motherboards have built in peripherals, such as keyboard & mouse ports (either PS/2 or USB). Also, other ports, such as serial, VGA or DVI or HDMI video, and Ethernet ports come standard on many ATX motherboards. In addition, we do have some cables and cards that you may wish to use with this case. You may send us the specifics of the motherboard you use with the case and we will check what cards, cables, adapters we have that are suitable for your needs. Thanks…


Works well with ASUS Motherboards.


See ASUS Support for information on any of our used ASUS Motherboards.




Additional information

Weight 15.000 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 8.5 × 18 in