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AMD K6 2 500AFX 500 MHz Super Socket 7 CPU. 2.2V CORE/3.3v


AMD-K6-2-500AFX 500 MHz Super Socket 7 CPU. 2.2V CORE/3.3v [FREE SHIPPING – USA ONLY!]

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This is a used AMD K6 2 500AFX CPU in good working condition.

General information

TypeCPU / Microprocessor
Market segmentDesktop
FamilyAMD K6-2
CPU part numberan OEM/tray microprocessor
Frequency500 MHz
Bus speed100 MHz
Clock multiplier5
Package321-pin ceramic staggered PGA
1.95″ x 1.95″ (4.95 cm x 4.95 cm)
AMD Package number26351
SocketSuper 7
Introduction date30-Aug-99
Price at introduction$167

Architecture / Microarchitecture – AMD K6 2 500AFX

Processor coreCXT
Manufacturing process0.25 micron
9.3 million transistors
Data width32 bit
Floating Point UnitIntegrated
Level 1 cache size32 KB code with 20 KB pre-decode cache
32 KB writeback data
Physical memory4 GB
Pipeline6 stage
  • MMX instructions
  • 3DNow! technology
Low power features
  • Halt state
  • Stop Grant state
  • With Stop Grant Inquire state
  • Stop Clock state

Electrical / Thermal parameters

V core2.2V ± 0.1V
Min/Recommended/Max V I/O or secondary3.135V / 3.3V / 3.6V
Minimum/Maximum operating temperature0°C – 65°C
Minimum/Typical/Maximum power dissipation4 Watt (Stop Clock mode) / 12.45 Watt / 20.75 Watt

CPU ID information for the AMD K6 2 500AFX

Detailed characteristics of processor’s internals, including x86 instruction set extensions and individual instructions, high- and low-level technologies, are listed below. This list was acquired from an actual AMD K6-2 processor with the help of the x86 CPUID instruction. Any discrepancies between CPUID features and official specifications are likely due to some features being disabled in BIOS, or due to a bug in our CPUID decoding algorithm.

Submission details
Manufacturer:AMDMeasured frequency:
CPU Family:K6-2Comment:Chomper CXT 58C A 9937DPAW 26351
Model Number:
Part number (supplied):AMD-K6-2/500AFXSubmitted by:Neon
Stepping Code:CWID version:0.2
General information
Processor name (BIOS):AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
Processor type:Original OEM Processor
CPUID signature:58C
Family:5 (05h)
Model:8 (08h)
Stepping:12 (0Ch)

Additional information

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