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KMM466S424CT-F0 Samsung 32MB PC100 100MHz


KMM466S424CT-F0 Samsung 32MB PC100 100MHz NonParity CL2 33V 144Pin SDRAM SoDimm

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This is one (1) used memory module KMM466S424CT-F0 in good working condition. The Item includes only one (1) module.

KMM466S424CT-F0 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Samsung
Manufacturer Part # KMM466S424CT-F0
Memory Type SODIMM
Capacity 32MB
Pins 144 Pin
Bus Type PC-100
Error Correction Non-Parity
Data Transfer Rate 100Mhz
Voltage 3.3


factsheet global pioneer, global leader

FactsheetGlobal pioneer, global leader

Our fact sheet has all you need to know about our recent history, our achievements, and our plans for the future.

Global Operation

Korea: 42,000 employees in 3 campuses
Worldwide: 10,000 employees in 4 Production Sites, 7 R&D Centers and 5 Regional HQs


DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory)

Samsung has been the undisputable, long-time leader in the DRAM sector and produces the most up-to-date DRAM solutions including components and modules for PC, server and mobile applications. Since 2013, Samsung has been the only manufacturer producing DDR4 devices based on 20 nanometer process technology. As the pioneer of advanced DRAM technologies, Samsung offers DDR3 as well as DDR4 solutions with the highest performance and the highest density as well as the lowest power consumption.

Samsung Now Mass Producing Industry’s Most Advanced 4Gb DDR3, Using 20 Nanometer Process Technology

Samsung announced that it is mass producing the most advanced DDR3 memory based on a new 20nm process technlogy, pushing the envelope of DRAM scaling while utilizing immersion ArF lithography.

Samsung Now Mass Producing Industry’s Most Advanced DDR4, using 20 Nanometer-class Process Technology

Based on Samsung’s 20nm-class DRAM, the world’s highest performing and smallest 4Gb DRAM chip, the industry’s largest lineup of products tailor to applications from servers to mobile devices. This will provide global customers with the widest range of highly advanced low-power, high-performance green memory solutions.

Samsung First to Begin Mass Production of High-speed 20nm-class 4 Gigabit DDR3 based 8 Gigabyte Memory for Mobile Enterprise Servers and Premium Notebook PCs

Samsung delivered the industry’s highest density 8GB module, which is based on its advanced 20nm-class 4Gb DDR3 chip. Designed for use in advanced mobile enterprise servers and premium notebook PCs, this 8GB SoDIMM provides a 40-percent increase in performance while more than doubling power efficiency, with a consumption level of 1.5 watts per hour (compared to a 30nm-class 4GB module).


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