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AXIS 540+ PRINT SERVER – Axis 540+ AXIS3062B2


AXIS 540+ PRINT SERVER – Axis 540+ Network Print Server AXIS3062B2 / 0058-3

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This is a used device AXIS3062B2 in good working condition. Manual and Power Adapter included.

10Mb Print Server (AXIS3062B2)

The AXIS 540+ (AXIS3062B2) is a pocket-sized multi-protocol print server for 10BaseT Ethernet networks. Hence, it plugs directly into the parallel port of any printer*. It is the high performance solution for printing in medium-sized to large LANs. Also, it supports most systems available in today’s heterogeneous network environments.

* Host-based printers such as GDI, CAPT and PPA are not supported.

  • Features easy installation: AXIS AddPrinter for Windows and support for Rendezvous in Macintosh environments
  • Comprehensive administration software: AXIS ThinWizard  management tool
  • Multiprotocol support: Novell NetWare including NDS and NDPS, more than 20 Unix systems, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, LAN Server, OS/2 Warp, LAN Manager, Apple EtherTalk


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