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A7V KT133 Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 (ASUS / AMD)

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A7V KT133 Athlon Thunderbird

ASUS A7V KT133 / Athlon Thunderbird: Does the AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz 266 FSB work on this motherboard?

Officially the ASUS A7V KT133 supports only FSB 200MHz, but the manual states that the FSB can be increased up to 166MHz from 100MHz.

Unfortunately, the Thunderbird 200MHz FSB can not be clocked on the 166 MHz FSB. Also if the FSB is at 133 MHz, the AGP bus is set at 66 MHz and PCI is at 33MHz, the same as they are for the FSB 100MHz.

If the FSB is set to 112 MHz, then AGP is about 70+ and PCI 40+ MHz

Will a computer run and be stable using the AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 266 MHz FSB when setting the FSB on the MB to a clock speed of 133MHz?

Help is on the way!

The KT133 chipset will not work with the FSB set at 133 Mhz. Some Athlons can run up to 110-115 mhz FSB but no higher. Hence, the KT133A chipset replaces the KT133 in newer boards. For best results, use the Athlon 1.4 200 Mhz with the A7V motherboard. Memory can still be run asynchronously at 133mhz.

Another Point:

  1. The KT133 chipset will not work at 133FSB. Although, it can support memory at 133Mhz, and a CPU speed officially up to 100 (200DDR) FSB.

    Even though it has settings for a 166 FSB, it can never reach them. Just like if the FSB is pointlessly set to 200 FSB on the A7V133, it will never work over 150Mhz. Therefore, the KT133 chipset was a limited release.

  2. Setting options on the KT133 motherboards. 133mhz+ FSB, but the northbridge of the KT133 chipset is inadequate for actual 133mhz operation.

A7V KT133 Athlon Thunderbird – That’s just the way it is…