Mission Statement (more):

Data is useful to the degree that managing it adds value to your business.

A data system is an organized collection of symbols, with processes that operate on them. Any organized collection of symbols and symbol-manipulating operations can be considered a data system. Hence, human-speech analysed at the level of phonemes can be considered a data system as can the Incan artefact of the khipu, or an image stored as pixels. A data system is defined in terms of some data model and bears a resemblance to the idea of a physical symbol system.
Symbols within some data systems may be persistent or not. Hence, the sounds of human speech are non-persistent symbols because they decay rapidly in air. In contrast, pixels stored on some peripheral storage device are persistent symbols.
Most companies and organizations collect data in various forms. Hand written notes to encrypted computer files are nothing more than stored information that has no meaning in and of itself.

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