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About Us

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    We specialize in solving your most complex business data needs. From SQL queries and Oracle PL/SQL development to data reporting and loads, we handle all aspects of your data. When your business depends on critical data analysis and reporting, we provide the data solutions you can count on.​

    Universal Data Systems provides expertise for all business data needs. We provide the fastest and most efficient data services on the planet. We have been working with data for over forty years.

    Reporting queries, data consolidations, data extractions, data loads, data migrations, and data manipulation are some of the expert services we provide. If you have data and a need, we can customize a solution that will provide you with fast and efficient access to and use of your data.

  • Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    Solutions we have provided include data transfers between PC networks and Mainframe systems, employee payroll reporting solutions, contractor auditing controls, claims administration, and automated legal allocation payment processing.

    Areas of Expertise include, but are not limited to:

    • IT Administration (Networking, Mail servers, Firewalls, Directory Services)​
    • Oracle Development - Tools, Languages, and Database Solutions
    • Microsoft Database, Development - Tools, Office and Mail Solutions
    • Linux Systems and Development Solutions​
    • Virtual Computing Environments (VMware, Xen, and Others)​
    • Web Solutions (PHP, JAVA, AJAX, FLEX, OPENLASZLO, ASPX, and Others)​
  • Where We Are Heading

    Where We Are Heading

    Most companies and organizations collect data in various forms. Hand written notes to encrypted computer files are nothing more than stored information that has no meaning in and of itself.

    Data must be utilized in a meaningful way in order to serve the needs of business. It is this philosophy that drives our company to deliver quality solutions that help businesses use their data in ways to be more efficient and productive. We focus on what matters most to your business.

    We are continually refreshing our knowledge base with the latest hardware and software resources available to help us provide our clients with solutions that are current and enduring. We are committed to providing flexible, scalable, and upgradable solutions for every data need, be it reporting, querying, loading, or manipulating data...

  • How Do You Benefit?

    How Do You Benefit?

    We build more than data solutions with our clients, we build lasting relationships that help your business prosper into the future...

    Our solutions will:

    • P​​​​​​​​​​rovide you with data solutions that exactly fit your needs!
    • R​​​​​​​​​​educe the time it takes to retrieve and work with your data!
    • Optimize the processes that connect your data to your business practices!
    • Focus on your needs, so that your business thrives!
    • ​Incorporate the best technology to fit your needs!
    • Tailor technology to work the way you do!


UDS will do a complete work and cost analysis of your project...


UDS has an extensive knowledgebase and network of experts...


UDS will provide state of the art solutions customized for you...